About Us

Igniting the Dance Floor, One Note at a Time.

Create lasting memories on your special day with the extraordinary talent of Hybrid 7 Band. 

7+ Years of Experience

About Hybrid 7

Infectious energy and captivating performances

Hybrid 7 Band is the ultimate wedding band that will make your special day unforgettable. With our high-energy performances and wide range of music, we guarantee to get all your guests on the dance floor. Our talented musicians and singers provide a unique blend of sounds that will keep everyone entertained.

Our Vision

Why Choose HYBRID 7?

Who we are

Youthful, vibrant band channeling drum&bass, hip-hop and soul influences. The band have been performing together for six years and has recently started attracting major label interest for their originals side project.

Our philosophy

Electro is music that has a direct path to the heart and can stay there for a long time, and maybe forever, and also in the head. Dance is an expression of freedom, a reflection of relaxation. It can can create a wonderful world in us.

How we play

We believe that dance music is protecting us from the crazy reality, can give us the freedom that we dreamed of. We are well-known band that we’ve earned such enduring appeal. Dance music lives on in spite of night trends.


Want to see us perform in your town?

Let us explode your party or event! We can make it unbelievable!